Programme Update

We’ve just had a computing club committee meeting, so I thought I’d send out a quick message to keep everyone up-to-date on all the exciting events that are happening and coming up over the rest of the semester…
  • On Monday (2nd), we’ll be having an bit of cracker-eating combined with git-using competition followed by a bit of a gaming night, so everyone make sure to bring their laptops. We’ve even got some Steam keys to give away as prizes!
  • There’s 2 weeks over the mid semester break where we won’t be meeting, which takes us to March…
  • On March the 23rd we’ll be having our AGM, which is where voting will happen for the committee positions for next year. As we are now union-affiliated, voting will be somewhat formal in the sense that we’ll need over 50% of our paid, active members to be there. We’ll be determining active members by recording attendance for the 3 weeks prior, and obviously if you’ve not paid membership you won’t be able to vote. If anyone’s interested in applying for a committee position (particularly events co-coordinator which is currently vacant), just send one of us an e-mail, or bring it up at one of the club meetings.
With Love,
Computing Club Committee