Computer Club News: The last few weeks

The Computer Club Reporter is sad to announce that we’re now approaching the last few weeks of term time, which unfortunately means the last few weeks of computer club (awwwwwww).
We do however still have a few last things lined up…

This coming Monday, Sam (who some of you might remember from last year!) will be coming in to give us a talk about his popular GTAV mod LSPDFR.

While arranging this exciting event, the Computer Club Reporter sent one of our top journalists to reach out to Sam for comment:

“LSPDFR is a modification for the PC version of GTA V that lets you play as a cop in single player. With LSPDFR, you can randomly arrest people, take part in huge police chases and much more. On top of this, we’ve got a pretty big website and community with over 200,000 members that upload their own content and share their experiences.”

said Sam modestly, before tripping over a large invisible object which was later discovered to be his ego.

The Computer Club reporter is also excited to announce that our AGM and Elections will definitely be held on the 28th of March at the usual time and place.

We’ll probably also be having some end of semester social… but I’ve yet to actually organise that!