Big announcements (we failed to make last week)!

Hey Everyone,

Here are all the things we (I’ll take responsibility…) forgot to mention! First of all, let’s give a huge round of applause to our new Treasurer, Oliver Gordon! Please, feel free to harass him with all kinds of questions regarding the club, he’s happy to answer/help!

Also, (WARNING: a LOT of bragging ahead!) as you all probably know, we are a BCS (British Computer Society) certified Student Chapter – well, actually we’re the only one in Scotland! But during the past couple of months, we’ve been in the process of organising another professional relationship, becoming an ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) student chapter as well! Over the past couple of weeks, we finalised it, and we can proudly announce that the club now is a certified ACM Student Capter as well! And, the best part is, that we’re not just the only ACM Student Chapter in Scotland, but one of the only 3 clubs in the whole country, who are both BCS and ACM certified! Woohoo!

But as much as it all sounds great, “What does that mean to ME personally?”, you might ask. Well, it means, that you have another fancy line to drop at an interview! Okay, let’s cut the BS. As a paid member of the club, you actually become ACM Chapter Members, and therefore you’ll be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Complimentary Subscription to Communications – Chapter Members are eligible for a three-month complimentary electronic subscription to ACM’s flagship publication Communications of the ACM.
  • email address – Chapter members are eligible for an “” email forwarding address with filtering.
  • Receipt of ACM’s Popular E-Newsletters – TechNews, the latest news in computing, 3x weekly; CareerNews, the latest career and industry news, bi-monthly; and MemberNet, all about ACM people and events monthly.
  • A full-year electronic subscription to XRDS, ACM’s Student Magazine
  • ACM Student Quick Takes (SQT) a quarterly email newsletter with each issue highlighting ACM activities, programs, and offerings of interest.

Obviously, on top of that, we get more opportunities for speakers and events organised by ACM, and we get a couple publications to add to our own “library” collection, as well!

With any questions regarding the new membership and its effects on you, please do not hesitate to contact us!
Jason, Oliver, Skaiste and Zsuzsi