Python Tutorial

Hello hello hello!!!

Sorry for such late post, one of the cs servers was down yesterday.

Anyway, Oliver has been using Python a lot lately for his dissertation and at work and figured he’d write a simple script and an even more simple tutorial explaining how the code works. It’ll be a block of code that will save files and folders to a specific location you request from a USB. Hopefully this can just be a taster to some people interested in using Python Then hopefully you’ll know about basic file controls. It’ll be in 2w5, 18:30 as per. If you want to come prepared, have up to date Python 3, PIP, and packages shutil, os and errno. Otherwise we’ll can try go through those steps.. together.

So bring your laptops and USBs and we’ll see you tonight at 18:30 in 2W5.

Pdf for tutorial: Python_tutorial