Continue with the challenges!


This is a quick notification about tomorrow. We will be continuing with solving the challenges from Wargames at 6.30 on Monday in 2W5.

Also, a week after tomorrow (on 20th of November) we will have a speaker coming to our meeting to talk about 3D printing. Here’s more info about it:

Chris Grigson, the chief technician for CS and Sports, has kindly offered to hold a session on 3D printing at the Club meeting on the 20th of November! It will be a mixed session, as he will give a short introduction to 3D printing, and afterwards we can discuss ideas you guys have, their limitations, and at the end, we will also be printing some small stuff! For that, he kindly offered to bring a couple of 3D printers, and a scanner, so we can have a bit of a hand-on experience with these!
If you were to have a small project created that you’d like to print, here are some tips to keep in mind, given 3D printing can be pretty time-consuming:
– we are limiting the physical dimensions of the printed things, at the moment, for 30mm on all axis. Printing anything larger than that may take too long, but if we have the time, we can print larger things afterwards. Scaling will not be a problem, as long as we have the files.
– you can use any CAD packages that generate files in .stl format, but he recommends these for the following purposes:
– OpenSCAD – programmers CAD
– Blender – art focused CAD
– Autocad – Commercial traditional or parametric CAD free for student use
– FreeCAD – parametric CAD
He is also happy to offer help with any hardware/interfacing needs we may have, so if you have any DIY projects you have been tinkering with at home, feel free to bring it along, and Chris – who has a lot of experience ranging from control systems to robotics and light engineering – will happily advise you on it, given we have time for it, and we don’t get too caught up in the printers!