Happy New Years! We’re changing our meeting times!


Hope everyone of you had nice holidays and the first days of this new year are as adventurous as the rest of the year!

The timetable for the spring semester is out and we can’t wait to see you all in the club! We have decided to change the day of the meeting this semester to accommodate everyones timetables better. Please vote on the poll here to pick a day for the meeting! Unfortunately, we can’t change the time of the meeting a lot, but if you really wish to have it earlier you can vote on that too on the same page.

Our first meeting is going to be on the second week of the semester and we’re planning to have a RobotWar tournament! It’s a very old programming game that shouldn’t be hard to master (at least I hope so :D) if you want to get more info about it, and take a look at how old school it looks you can do that here: http://corewar.co.uk/robotwar.htm.

Closer to the refreshers week we’ll post an update on the weekday of our meetings and the talk more about where you’ll be able to find some members during the refreshers week, cause we’re having stalls!

Enjoy your last week before the semester!