RobotWar Tournament

Hello Everyone!

As you can see we’re having a robotwar tournament on our first meeting!

But firstly, I would like to say thanks to all who voted on our meeting time polls, our new meeting time will be on Thursdays at 6pm! We have booked the 4B96 room for all weeks, so that is where you’ll find everyone gathering.

So, our first meeting will be a robotwar tournament, what is that, you ask? Here is a tiny description of it:
RobotWar was a programming game written by Silas Warner in 1970s. We’re going to play this game through Apple II computer virtual machines or emulators since the game was adapted for these computers.
Back in the past they used to hold tournaments of this game, but they have stopped long time ago. We have decided to revive this wonderful game and try our best at it! So join us to this glance at the past!
Here’s more info about the game itself (from Wikipedia):
The main activity of the game is to write a computer program that would operate a (simulated) robot. The player can then select multiple robots who would do battle in an arena until only one is left standing. The robots have no direct knowledge of the location or velocity of any of the other robots; they can only use radar pulses to deduce distance, and perhaps use clever programming techniques to deduce velocity. No physical dexterity is required or even relevant in RobotWar; there is no way for the player to actually take part in the battle.

If you’re on facebook we have created an event page, so check it out and let us know that you’re coming 🙂

So come and don’t forget to bring your laptop (we have to program on something!) to this tournament which will be at 6pm on Thursday (25th of January) in 4B96!!!

Hope to see you there!!!

P.S. If you don’t know how to find the room, try to find the X corridor first, then go upstairs to the 4th level, and use this tiny map to guide you to the room 🙂