Pizza and Games Night!


Sorry for notifying you so late, but today we are going to have a bit of a ~chill~ meeting after last week’s Quantum Computing webinar, we’re gonna order pizza, mingle and play games! 🙂 [I know I don’t make it sound that exciting, but bear with me! 😛 ] If you would like to play online games such as JackBoxTV party games or other online multiplayer games, bring your laptops, otherwise you have a choice of a wide range of board and card games. And don’t forget – the event is open for all, but only paid members get free pizza, so either buy your memberships last minute or you’ll have to suffer watching your mates eating pizza during the games! 😛

We’ll be in 4B96 at 6pm today!

Hope to see you for a bit of socialising! 🙂