ELECTIONS – 29th of March


Hi guys,

It’s the end of year coming up, which means only one thing… AGM time: we are holding the elections on the 29th of March!
As 3/4th of the committee is leaving and James might not be returning next year to his committee position either, it means there’s a whole bunch of positions available for a brand new committee! Here’s your chance to take over the Computer Club and make changes to how it operates, what happens in the meetings and be in charge of the Hackathon for the coming year! You can even change the name! 😂 

Jokes aside – we know we’ve not been the best role models to make leading the club seem fun, but it actually is really useful, you make great industry connections, and is beneficial for your CV, while you also get the chance to get to know other students across the department and build good relations with various staff members. By being on committee, you get the chance to either focus on having tech fun, or learn new things, and you can also gain hands on experience with hardware or software you couldn’t afford yourself but through the club you can use. Furthermore, you would have main access to the library makers space with our 3D printers and pens, and the yet-to-be-ordered laser cutter! 😍

Most importantly, however – if no one takes over, the club _stops existing_ from the upcoming year! And while other clubs may take its space, we are the legacy facilitators of out-of-class tech interest at the uni with existing industry partnerships, and it would be a pity letting these disappear.
So for the club and our future students’ sake – please CONSIDER RUNNING FOR COMMITTEE! If you have plans to do so, please let us know, so that we don’t have to tell the union the club is going away! 💔
You can also ask us any questions if you’re unsure!