Current Committee

The new committee was elected at the 2017 AGM, as such, we are now in a position to confirm the following roles and committee members for the 2017-18 academic year.

Role Held By
President Skaistė Butkutė
Vice President Oliver Gordon
Treasurer James Coburn
Secretary Zsuzsi Szügyi

Your Committee Needs You! (Just Not Right Now…)

In the penultimate meeting of the year there will be elections for the forthcoming year, each committee position comes with a year long term although committee members are free to stand for their position for multiple years.

If there’s something you want to change about how the club runs or operates standing for the committee is the best thing you can do as you’ll have an active say not only in meetings but also behind the scenes in committee meetings.

Serving on the committee of a club helps show potential future employees that you actually care about and are actively interested in your subject (assuming you’re studying a degree related in some way to Computer Science) and looks great on your CV.

Email the Committee

If you have any ideas or suggestions you wish to discuss with the committee we can be reached using the contact information available here.